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01 Raise.Capital Masterclass LIVE

4 week Masterclass LIVE with Dana Cornell, CFP® CIMA™ that focuses on the art of Raising Capital.

My Story

I think it is important for you to know my backstory so you can appreciate where I am now.  I come from a town of 14,000 people.  I did not come from money and I never really knew anyone with money, so I started out knocking on doors. I put in my 10,000 hours meeting people to develop this skill set, which took me from obscurity to a top designation at one of the largest wealth management firms in the world.

I have taken my experiences from those early days, through my 15 year career at Morgan Stanley and now on my own at Cornell Capital Holdings, packaged the best of what I’ve learned and put it into this course.  You will be able to hit the ground running with your own custom blueprint…as most students are before the course is even finished.

Why You Need My Help

This is the problem that creates the opportunity to raise capital now more than ever:

Investors are seeing this on a daily basis, creating massive uncertainty.

1000 point drop today, and investors are rattled. 

1000 point surge today, investors rejoice. 

Did you know that after fees, the average investor makes net 4% per year?

To make things even worse:

  • Stock markets are at all time highs
  • Real estate is at an all time highs
  • Crypto is misunderstood by many
  • M&A markets are at all time highs
  • Trillions of dollars on the sidelines what Wall Street calls an “ocean of capital”

On one end of the spectrum you have massive uncertainty and massive risk, on the other you have more money earning essentially nothing than ever before.

This screams opportunity!

With all great opportunities, the time to act is now…

Do you have alternative assets that crush those annual rates of return? A business opportunity that could create passive income for your investor and grow your business exponentially? 

Imagine the impact this has for the investor who works with you and for yourself.

Raising capital is one of the biggest challenges to any business owner, real estate developer, investor, or anyone who could use a steady flow of capital to expand their business.

Why You Should Listen to Me

To give you some background, I have raised $1.3 BILLION doing it the old school way over the first 15 years of my career. Corporate America had been harboring me and my secrets for almost two decades and I’ve finally broken free.  Now that I have, I’ve developed a completely new system that has given me access to another BILLION dollars of capital.  Difference being, this took me 8 MONTHS!

It’s time to pull back the curtain.

For the first time ever, I’ve decided to share my secrets.  Not only will you be guided through my 7 step process that I have developed over the past 2 decades, but most importantly you will learn where people go wrong and are immediately taken out of the game.

If you’re interested in raising capital for your projects and learning from someone who’s closed thousands of investors, I’ve launched a ONE TIME ZOOM class. 

In 4 weeks where you’ll learn:

Raise Capital Mastermind

  • Framework to structure your offer
  • How to position that offer to ideal target audience 
  • Identification and where to find investors with loads of cash
  • Pitch structure 
  • Legal perspective 
  • Sales techniques
  • Literally everything I do start to finish to raise over $2 million a week currently from an enormous network that is waiting for opportunities from me- and best part…I’ve never met any of them in person.

If I can do it, you can do it…especially when I teach you how.

This is not an inexpensive course filled with generic information.  This is step by step actionable knowledge that you will be able to execute on before the end of this class, given live by me.  

The people I have shared this with over the years have raised millions on their own and if you execute on this information.  I’m extremely confident that you’ll raise $1million in your first 12 months at a minimum.

I guarantee if you follow ALL the moves, have an investment opportunity that yields greater than 4%, and you follow my process, you will raise $1 million in your first 12 months or I will personally raise it with you!

This isn’t gambling, this is a process.

Here’s the bottom line; investors NEED to put their money somewhere. Do you have an opportunity that’s greater than the average of 4%?  If so, this course is for you. 

A word of caution, this is for people serious about raising capital.  Not everyone will be accepted.

I want to give you the tools to raise hundreds of thousands, realistically millions if you follow the process.  How much is that worth to you?

Cost to access this level of expertise, guidance and information: Only $5,000!


Dana shares his thoughts on this exciting new Masterclass LIVE:

Live Masterclass Schedule

Classes begin September 14, 2022 4pm EST
Enrollment Deadline: September 12, 2021 11:59pm EST

Week 1: The Big Idea and Framework
Week 2: Offer Positioning and Investor Identification
Week 3: Pitch Structure, Legal Considerations and Sales Techniques
Week 4: Marketing Secrets

Admission Fee: $7,500  Limited Time Only: $5,000 USD

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Dana Cornell

Dana Cornell is a Certified Investment Management Analyst and Certified Financial Planner, who’s passion is to take the uncertainty out of investing and provide consistent returns his clients can count on.

Dana has over 20 years of experience in the financial industry, and Cornell Capital was born out of a need recognized to truly create consistent, predictable income and wealth creation.

  • Forbes Recognized 2021 Best in State Financial Advisor
  • Current Forbes Business Advisory Counsel Member and Contributor
  • #1 Best Selling Author
  • Former Executive Director at Morgan Stanley
  • 3x Named Forbes America’s Top Next-Gen Wealth Advisors
  • Licenses Held:
    • Series 7
    • Series 63